Who we are

We believe Canadians should have access to fairer interest rates and unique investment opportunities.

With our tech-driven peer-to-peer lending process, we keep costs down, so you get the benefit of greater savings and higher returns.

Who we help

Life happens - we get it

Even if you have less than perfect credit, we can help. If you...

  • Have a track record of making your car payments on time
  • Have been employed for at least 3 months
  • Want to lower your car loan payments

How it works

Investors select their risk tolerance and investment amount and are then presented with customized options to choose from.

Behind the scenes, Mobo plays matchmaker between lenders and borrows, and manages the transaction digitally so the experience is completely seamless to both parties.

Borrowers are given their new monthly car loan payment amount and terms, and returns are passed along to the investors.


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Canadians helping Canadians

Peer-to-peer lending is a win-win! You earn returns on your investments and help others get out of debt faster.

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